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I see several active topics on this forum dedicated to ZenGL, seems like it's a 2D-only engine.
ZenGL currently has no 3D support.
Прошу не путать! Движок в основном для 2D.  :) Уже год или больше как можно использовать полный функционал OpenGL (OpenGL ES) используя ZenGL. Поэтому используя ZenGL вы можете делать 3D приложения, но делать вам надо будет это вручную.

Так же есть несколько демок демонстрирующих возможности использования 3D.

Но, думаю, лучше использовать CGE для 3D приложений.

Google translate:
Please don't be confused! The engine is mainly for 2D. :) For a year or more now you can use the full functionality of OpenGL (OpenGL ES) using ZenGL. Therefore, using ZenGL you can make 3D applications, but you will have to do it manually.

There are also several demos demonstrating the possibilities of using 3D.

But I think it's better to use CGE for 3D applications.
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It is probably why ZenGL (Russian? Ukraine war?) has switched to Sourceforge and I suspect it may be why Free Pascal maintains its sourceforge based system, though that could be just down to history.

No. Sourceforge also suffers from this.  It was one of the motivations to keep own (SVN/FTP) servers at the time.

Sourceforge mostly was just download traffic mitigation


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Hello, I've known CGE for a few years and have always dabbled with Godot 3.0 to make ArchViz presentations. However, after the release of Godot version 4, some things changed, even plugins that I used in version 4 stopped working in 4.0. Confused that I was scared, because I suffered from this when PHP 4 gave way to PHP 5 and since then big changes from one version to another leave me in panic, because from Delphi 7 to Delphi 8 and then the change from barland to embarland fed an immense insecurity. I spent 2 years watching Lazarus before it started building a calculator just like home. Two years have passed and I still haven't ventured into creating anything that would make my client dependent and me committed to him and would have to study everything I already thought I knew.

I'm now more relaxed with lazarus due to the community's concern about maintaining compatibility with previous releases and the same can be said about Blender. Wise choices When I refer to michalis ( CGE ) I'm happy to choose an old technology that doesn't worry about fads and other frills, that modernizes without losing its identity and that knows very well who it is. Modernizing is not changing and some technologies have changed with the theme of modernization. I'm trying out your michalis tool and I'm happy that I'm no longer stuck with Godot and its features. I hope I can learn so I can contribute to this project that I see a lot of potential. My only tip to make it more user-friendly would be to change the name of the Background component to environment and with that add more resources aimed at this purpose, as Background is a visual component haha, environment would also be, however, it would control many more cool things and many archviz designers would benefit as building technicians that we are, we are not interested in why or how things work but we want to deliver to our client a room with good lighting and a cool background. . Ahhh, see the coppercube itinerary system -  . This matches the CGE and its inspector palette. It would be really cool to be able to configure some pre-built scripts while CGE generates pascal programming.

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