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$20 Task: Full Text Search in SQLite

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I will pay U$ 20 via PayPal for someone for writing a beginner-friendly detailed step-by-step instruction how to do full text search in SQLite. Don't send it to me but post it here so it can be useful for others too.

Short Story

This is a how-to-do contest for writing the instruction for doing full text search in SQLite in Windows, it will be better if you can also explain how doing it in Linux. That should include the instruction for preparing/compiling SQLite and the extension and a demo project (Lazarus or FPC). Please also provide necessary images or screenshots or links if needed. Post them here and one or two weeks later I will start a poll to let users here to decide who provides the best instruction.

Long Story

After spending quite some time learning SQLite and Firebird, I want to use the skill for real projects. But I haven't explored the full text search topic. I now got a task for writing a program that needs single user database, I decided to use SQLite. As a bonus I wish the program to have full text search feature. I already doing some research on the Internet, both SQLite and Firebird have full text search feature but it is not provided by the default download/installation.

Normally, I will search the web, read the wikis, test and study them myself. Unfortunately I am very busy at the moment. Wouldn't it be nice if someone can gather the information, write a short demo and provide me the instruction. I know USD 20 may not be worthy for your time, but that should be enough to buy you a cup of coffee. :)

I forgot to mention, you don't have to write the demo from scratch. You can add your code to this SQLite demo:,65185.msg496461.html#msg496461

I once used full-text search in sqllte, but I'm too lazy to write tutorials, I can only say that I used information from the official documentation , and for easy connection I used ZeosDBO components but of course this won’t pass for a tutorial :)

Thank you for the links.
That of course will be useful for others.


--- Quote from: Handoko on February 21, 2024, 05:41:19 pm ---That of course will be useful for others.

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In that case see fts5  :)

Also came across this to get you going.


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