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Copying a lot of messages to the clipboard causes Lazarus to crash


I just noticed that copying all the output of the Messages window to the clipboard causes Lazarus 3.0 on Linux KDE to crash.

The files size in question is about 1.6 Mb.

Anyone else experienced this bug?

Saving it to a file is OK.

On 32 bit this is likely, but not on 64 bit and over 4 Gb memory.
You wrote Mb, that should be ok.


--- Quote from: vfclists on February 21, 2024, 10:20:42 am ---Anyone else experienced this bug?

--- End quote ---
Can't say that I have (I'll try make an attempt to let it crash but so far was out of luck -> GTK2).

In case it is reproducible, you could opt to create debug build of the IDE, catch the exception log and create an issue on the bugtracker with al gathered information. Note that KDE/Wayland is far from stable (despite what the buzz on the internet is telling). Advisable is to switch to xwayland (most distributions based on KDE/Wayland have some form of a quick toggle to switch to X). My experience with wayland and Lazarus is very negative because it is riddled with annoying bugs that unexpectedly pops up and makes it impossible to use in a serious work environment.

No bug here - trunk lazarus-qt5, fpc-3.2.2


--- Quote from: zeljko on February 21, 2024, 03:42:44 pm ---No bug here - trunk lazarus-qt5, fpc-3.2.2

--- End quote ---

Try Clean up and Build (check all the boxes) on a large project?

My Lazarus is GTK build though.


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