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ScrollBars in TMemo

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Has anyone else had this rather fundamental problem and, if so, how did you solve it?
I have a standard TMemo on a standard TPanel on a standard TForm. TMemo has the following design-time settings:
Alignment: taCenter
Anchors: akBottom, akLeft, akRight
Read Only: True
ScrollBars: ssVertical
TabStop: False
WordWrap: True (although I have also tried it with False)
The problem is that the scroll bar is always greyed out and I cannot read the whole text (see photo - can be zoomed to read better).
Any help on this gratefully received.
Many thanks!

Better screen shot

That is pretty weird Agri.

The scroll bar to be greyed out means the TMemo thinks all your text is visible. Just how much is missing ? Just the line we see the top of or is there more txt below that ? What if you put a couple of line feed, carriage returns at the end of the text ?

I think there must be some confusion with how much space the font reports it needs. Have you tried any other fonts to see if its a font problem ? Or a DPI scaling issue ?

You could, possibly, make a stand alone app with just the TMemo, same font and same text, see if its replicated ?


Can you attach a minimalistic demo of what you have done? (tform + tmemo + demo text + your tmemo property settings)
No code needed since its just properties (i guess)

Beside of that it would be useful to know what Lazarus/FPC combination (version number) you use and the target platform it runs on.

Sorry - forgot to post platform details earlier; here they are:

Windows 10 Pro, Version 22H2
OS build   19045.4046
Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19053.1000.0

Lazarus Version 2.2.6
Date 2024-02-19
FPC Version 3.2.2

The prog will eventually be ported to Linx Mint, Mac and Chromebook


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