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[SOLVED] TDBDateTimePicker???

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Yup, thanks WP.


--- Quote from: wp on February 21, 2024, 06:22:31 pm ---This means there is some issue in MyDBFStudio with table creation.

--- End quote ---
Found some issues in handling the TableLevel in MyDBFStudio, and an inconsistency in the DbfVersion used by the sourceforge TDbf in comparison with that from fpc3.2.2. Therefore I switched back to the TDbf component provided by fpc 3.2.2, and together with the fixed TableLevel issue the ftDateTime fields are no longer converted to ftDate. This should fix your issue.

To get a new version of the program, download its source from my github (, green "Code" button, then "Download ZIP") and compile it with any Lazarus version after 2.0; additionaly libaries are not required.


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