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Anchor or Dock windows


Ive installed this today AnchorDockingDsgn 1.0 which i recommend to any beginner.

It basically puts everything into one big neat window IDE.

Under Package use Install/Uninstall Packages...

in Available for installation select AnchorDockingDsgn 1.0

Now Save and rebuild IDE.

It takes a minute and Lazarus will Reboot with all the windows Docked  8)

My only other thing for now is how to force Form1 on top of everything?

Kind regards Baggey

Install package "DockedFormEditor"  and the Form1 will be embedded in the editor window (tabs at bottom)

In addition to Martin_fr's solution/suggestion and in case not wanting to embed the form editor you can press F12 shortcut to switch the form from back to front and vice verse.


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