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Using NSToolbar in Lazarus

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Just verified that the app bundle was missing in the demo folder in the repository, since I basically had the whole bin folder in the gitignore. My apologies!

No worries - I'm already grateful somebody is doing an effort to make NSToolbar available in Lazarus 😁
Just downloaded the repository, compiled the package (no errors), but the example still crashes (did a clean+build for the example project).

Just being curious: will this ever become a visual component? Or is that becoming too much of a pain to implement?

I've checked out the code, and had an error message about compiling into the specified path, so I had to go into settings and click "create bundle" again, then compile. This works. for me.
Can you pinpoint any further where it crashes? Breakpoint at the TMacToolbar.Attach method begin, going through it?

What macOS version are you using?

Visual component in terms of a WYSIWYG view in the editor, no.
A component that allows to edit items using a non-visual component was my plan. Needs all that streaming stuff for saving component properties, I do not have much experience there, so there's not much more there.
I have another non-visual component in the package that would simply convert the first (or a specified) TToolbar into a NSToolbar where possible.


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