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OpenGL in Lazarus??


Mike no worth:
I'm not sure where to ask this. Anyway..

 What do I set so I may compile OpenGL programs? It's really heart-breaking that there is no direct support for OpenGL in a freepascal IDE..

 Anyway, couldn't find any OpenGL questions in here on setting it up, and yeah I'm not a big xhardcorex year 2004 IDE programmer. (I don't know my way around any IDE made after '96) I'm still in the turbo pascal past.

 Any help would be greatful.  8)

Hah. I figured it out.. I was using a tutorial's example which called for the unit OpenGL (not GL). My bad.  :mrgreen:

Man, check (it's all about graphics, sound, games, opengl, openal, directx, etc.), you might find links to other websites like, or
FPC uses the delphi3d gl units wich have the original C names not the borland names, you can also find other OpenGL headers on the web wich might work like those from delphigl.
GLScene is being ported to Lazarus too so you see it's not that hard to use OpenGL with a Pascal compiler.
I suggest trying Lazarus (i found delphi hard to use until someone showed me it's as simple as clicking on a component then on the main form) using IDEs like Lazarus is verry easy, codetools are also verry useful and you can make simple pascal projects with Lazarus too having decent scrolling not 80x25 chars :lol:

You do not really need a component to use OpenGL. You may use a SDL from the jedis. is the best "Pascal & OpenGL" site, the only problem is that it is in german.

If you have some questions about OpenGL and Pascal you may have a visit the englisch Forum of



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