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Is it possible to Capture video and modify it before display in Windows


(Lazarus version 2.2.4 and FPC 3.2.2 Windows)

Hi everybody,

Is it possible to capture a frame in real time from a webcam and modify it before display using or any Windows video class.

Or is there any other library I can use to perform that task?

I have created a 3D scanner with a camera and 4 lasers.

Working fine in Linux, but I want to also use in in Windows.

In Linux, I use TSdpoVideo4L2 to capture and modify a frame.

I can read an USB webcam in Windows using TVideoWindow, TFilterGraph and TFilter,
but I don't know if it is possible to change the frame before the display, F.E: detect objects.

Example welcome :)

Thank you.


If you need capture Video, before you this question online,
- then you must teach DirectX , and you search
  the multiple files with directx.pas
After you learn DirectX , in 2..3 years, then you will understand your question and complexity your question; otherwise ...

You request a answer from your cat pet:
-- Dear my cat do you understand how my Win98 work inside him?

Hello, you can use the Opencv library that has functions to open a webcam or video file stream, and process single frames.
In my repository there are a wrapper to Opencv  and examples for FPC/Lazarus.
The demo Camshiftdemo just open a webcam stream, and does some processing on frames.
Demo dnnObjectdetection and dnnObjectdetection2 detect objects using a specialized neural network.
Note that Opencv exists also for Linux, and the wrapper compiles on Linux, too (and also on MacOS).
So using Opencv + wrapper you could have a single video capture code on Windows and Linux.


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