Author Topic: Castle Game Engine (Cross Platform) - Need Help with Drawing a Raycast Vector  (Read 10802 times)


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I’m sorry your Delphi community ended that way. Without good preparation, any community can be wrecked. Unfortunately moderators often don’t have the proper experience and protocols in place before the troll attacks. A skilled troll can convince people that anyone who tries to stop him is a villain and literally get the community to attack the person who is working hardest to protect it.

I don’t want to see any more communities that I care about get wrecked. Yes, It is kind of amazing how people who have never talked before pop put of the woodwork screaming angrily during a troll attack. Even if you try to explain to community members what is happening very few will believe you. I can’t over emphasize how frustrating this is. You would think that people that you’ve known for years would have enough sense to know better. Nope. People are flawed. The ones that don’t have the guts to help protect their community will run off to avoid the unpleasant drama and confrontation or even worse, join forces with the troll to help wreck their own community.
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