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Using TAChart to Pan/Zoom/Draw on an ordinary image file?


As much as I work with TChar I can nothing but note what a great work it is!  :D
I find particularly useful the pan and zoom features. They are great!
Now I finished working with statistics and moved to a project that is intended to annotate objects in image files for machine learning purposes.
In this project we need to pick up some images, pan/zoom and mark (i.d. paint) parts of it, relating these parts to a particular category. Then, after all done, cut the image parts off and save each on a directory tree that reflects the category hierarchy tree.
I wonder if I there is a way I could use some TChart methods to show and manipulate (i.e. pan, zoom and draw) an ordinary image file.
This would cut my work by half... Does anyone know if it is possible, and how?
I tried to mess with TChart.Canvas, but to no avail  :(


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