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Hi, please share your best UI design made with FPC.

You can use any UI controls, made by you or third party.

Hope this thread get full of cool UI.

The limit is December 31. And we can vote the winners in 2025.

I'm organizing this so I will be not participating.

Existing apps are not welcome, you must create something for the contest.

The app can be for a platform only or multiplatform.

Any more ideas about the rules can be discussed here.


Ok. We can have 2 categories. One. For existing projects and one for the Todo list.

One where you can show your best project. Only look will be voted because you do not have to share the source. Just share some screenshots.

And the Todo list that must include sources to compile and test.

Better now?

We have a lot of time to work in our Todo list or improve our existing project.

All projects can participate even if they are closed source or open source. But screenshot is mandatory else we can't decide.

All right I think all is good so we can start the contest.

I think that's a good idea however, what is best often depends on the purpose.  In this case the purpose of the application.

Here is an example.  Back in the days of MS-DOS I tried a number of editors, among them Multi-Edit.  I chose Multi-Edit for a number of reasons but, one critical reason was that when a shift/control/alt key combination was started (either by pressing shift, control or alt) the editor would show a reverse-highlighted set of squares (8, one for each function key at the time) showing what shift-F1, shift-F2, ... shift-F8 did, the same for Ctrl and Alt. 

That single UI feature greatly increased productivity while learning the editor.

Unfortunately, they got rid of that feature in the Windows version and, because of that, I occasionally have to look in the menus to remember what key combination is assigned to a particular feature (usually one that I only use rarely.)

I suggest that those who decide to enter your contest should specify what the purpose of the app is and, their U.I be evaluated in that context which means there could be more than one winner.

How is this contest held, are we supposed to make screenshots of GUI designs we've made?


--- Quote from: lainz on February 13, 2024, 07:40:03 pm ---Existing apps are not welcome

--- End quote ---

We have like 5 people active on the forum. The rule above might discourage some of them. Perhaps this rule should be out?

I’m not sure what constitutes good ui design? There are probably many different conflicting opinions about this. I know that things I consider important are considered unnecessary/unpleasant by other programmers.


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