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Installation of pas2js-ws with FpcUpDeLuxe works not


That's pretty strange: on January 22, 2024 I wrote in the German Lazarus forum that the pas2js-ws module cannot be installed in trunk / trunk with FpcUpDeLuxe.

Today I wanted to do this in stable / stable - it doesn't work there. I was a bit irritated. I tried it in my installation root/trunk: There it works today.

Please, I need an idea as to what I might be doing wrong...

Create folder xxxxx\pas2js-rtl\compiler\ and copy folder utils\pas2js\ (with pas2js.pp in it) from xxxxx\fpc\utils\pas2js\ (with pas2js.pp in it) to xxxxx\pas2js-rtl\compiler\.
I'm find this looking in file pas2js.cfg.


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