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tparted - TUI frontend for parted based on FV


As of Feb 10th the app is considered stable so I decided to make a topic here :)

tparted is a simple, user-friendly Linux utility for creating, reorganizing, and deleting GPT disk partitions, based on Free Vision. It is quite similar to its distant relative gparted, although feature-wise it is still lacking.

It uses parted for manipulating partitions and the corresponding filesystem tools to deal with specific filesystems.

This is also my first time using the Unicode version of FV, and discovered some of its bugs during the development of this app, see and There's also an issue with rendering East Asian characters (see attached image), although I am a noob in this matter and not sure if this is something we can fix on the FV side or simply a limitation when it comes to half-width chars overlapping full-width chars.

Well done. Any use of and TLC directed towards FV is a good thing.



--- Quote from: MarkMLl on February 11, 2024, 09:31:21 am ---Well done. Any use of and TLC directed towards FV is a good thing.

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What does TLC mean? Tender Loving Care?


--- Quote from: dseligo on February 11, 2024, 03:14:58 pm ---What does TLC mean? Tender Loving Care?

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compliment, I will try to use it


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