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Hi Team

Is it possible to see the same object hint in the Watch list, that I see during runtime in Editor. If it option cannot be enabled it would be a good idea to implement it

It's an interesting idea. Please make it a feature request on the issue tracker.

Obviously it wont be exactly the same. The source editor hint, includes codetool info (such as declaration and extract from the docs), that won't be included.

But the textual content from the debugger should be available, and possible (including the difference in formatting).

In the mean time, are you aware of the "Detail pane"?

Hit the "magnifier" tool-button, and on the right that of the watches window will be a panel, showing the current/selected watch in more detail.

1) If I understand correctly - you mean this tracker

2) Yep, but the problem is that the array elements are arranged vertically and take up all the space needed to view other values, - so it is inconvenient to click every time to collapse/expand the array trying to aim squared '+' ))

BTW I was looking for an extension for multiple WatchLists. It would be great if it possible to place variables in vertically-oriented w-list and arrays into a horizontally-oriented watchlist. But I think it's much more difficult to implement

1) Yes, that tracker

2) No, not the [ + ]. See the image.
Whatever watch you have selected will be shown in the panel on the right.

Multiple watches Window. Yea, probably not.

You can always have
- one value in the "evaluate modify" window
- one value in the "detail pane" (the panel on the right, in the attached image)
- one value in the "debug inspector"
- and if it is a local var, you also have the "locals" window.

Eventually there may be an API to register your own additions to the debugger... But that is still far far away.


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