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As the title says, make a new project, put a TMemo and disable it "memo1.Enabled := False", it only disables the use of the mouse, with the keyboard I can continue writing...
is this a bug?



--- Quote from: Espectr0 on February 10, 2024, 05:11:22 pm ---is this a bug?

--- End quote ---
I would expect it is (I am not sure as I do not know enough about macos widgetset internals) because I was unable to locate a specific mention about the subject on the wiki for both carbon and cocoa. Status for widgetset/controls can be read here (though the last update was over a year ago)

edit: assuming you are using cocoa, the nstextview's superclass NSText seem to support disabling text editing (see also apple docs) though I have no idea how that would work out in the LCL widgetset/interface implementation.

Thanks, I'll do some research

Feels like a bug indeed.
Just commenting to confirm that I'm seeing this here as well with Lazarus fromtrunk.
Lazarus 3.99 (rev main_3_99-1411-g2c81dff5d9) FPC 3.3.1 aarch64-darwin-cocoa

Thank you for the confirmation and report.

Would be nice that in case you got somewhere if you are able to share, if only to update the wiki to confirm the current status. Unfortunately it seems a bit like a lonely task as in all these years it does not seem to have been mentioned/raised once (but tbh I did not spent too much time in the bugtracker about this particular issue).


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