Author Topic: [Solved]Lazarus 3.0: Where has copy/paste gone off to??  (Read 1770 times)


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Re: [Gone back to 2.2.6]Lazarus 3.0: Where has copy/paste gone off to??
« Reply #15 on: February 12, 2024, 09:36:22 am »
Hi Davo
I've happily used/use SU since my early *nix days...
When I see what sort of /small'ish/ problems we're dealing with and comparing them to this "Michaelsoft BinBows" problems, I maybe understand why they're slowly killing it off...  :P
So far nothing else broke in my fiddlings \o/
Keeping them crossed though  :D
PS.: keep playing with it, it's quite a nifty little distro  :-X
Regards Benny
If it ain't broke, don't fix it ;)
PCLinuxOS(rolling release) 64bit -> KDE5 -> FPC 3.2.2 -> Lazarus 2.2.6 up until Jan 2024 from then on it's: KDE5/QT5 -> FPC 3.3.1 -> Lazarus 3.0


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