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Twin ... Umm ...Rainbow Trees


Actually 2 trees angled and joined together
(source from wikipedia, although quite a few changes needed to be made stack errors, etc)

Colours of the rainbow ...

Oh .... "Looking really GOOD"

I thought people on the forum might like this one.

Might be a good candidate for BGRAbmp rendering?

My next step for this one will be to use only 1 tree, center it and rotate it N times at multiple intervals of a selected rotation angle.

I did something like this in VB6 (at which produced some really nice patterns.

Awesome. Please create a website with screenshot and download of bin and sources for all your projects  :)

Lainz, you can download the VB6 binary for the rotated Fern Fractal is there at (at  ).

The actual link is: )

Lost the VB6 source code.

Also I have not logged on to Github for ages, so will probably need to do that authentication stuff that Github admin. sent ages ago.

Yes. Now there's two factor authentication. You need to install an app in your phone.


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