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Can I dock "View Project Forms"



I currently use Lazarus 2.2.6 with AnchorDocking and AnchorDockingDesign and I love my setup.

I often use "Project > View Project Forms and" would like this to be available as a tab in the right pane, after Code Explorer and Components.

Is it possible for me to add other floating dialogues to the side pane docks?
This would provide so much more to the configuration of my workspace.

I've attached a screenshot to help clarify what I mean. 

All the best,

Unfortunately, not every dialog is dockable... this includes the Project Unit and Project Form dialogs. You have a couple of other options.

One of them is already docked on your screenshot: Code Explorer. It has the Form type and the unit variable for the instance in the tree. Double click to navigate in the source editor.

There is also Project Inspector, though it does not show Form instances, just file names.

Ah, the project inspector is dockable! That's a helpful way to open forms, thanks.

Types in the code treeview only shows the current form type.


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