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Developing LinuxX86_64 application under windows, using GDB remote debugging

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Developing LinuxX86_64 application under windows, using GDB remote debugging. There is no corresponding gdb.exe file in either the cross directory or the fpcbootstrap\gdb directory. Where can I download it?

use WSL.

Compiling gdb with msys2 can be achieved.

Я бы вам вообще предложил установить Linux либо в виртуалке, либо как вторую систему. Можете взглянуть в сторону Proxmox, будут работать одновременно обе системы и вы даже сможете обмениваться данными между системами, но для этого нужен мощный компьютер и несколько мониторов.

Если выбирать между WSL и Msys2 то я бы выбрал WSL, как наиболее полноценную систему.

Кроссплатформенная разработка - это не просто, если делаешь всё сам. И лучше всего ей заниматься на Linux, а не на Windows.

Google translate:
I would generally suggest that you install Linux either in a virtual machine or as a second system. You can look towards Proxmox, both systems will work simultaneously and you can even exchange data between systems, but this requires a powerful computer and several monitors.

If you choose between WSL and Msys2, I would choose WSL as the most complete system.

Cross-platform development is not easy if you do everything yourself. And it is best to do it on Linux, not on Windows.

I strive to develop applications that are reasonably safe...
Back to the issue: This might be a simple rights issue, but note that "remote" debugging is usually not a good idea unless you are on a private network. Anything else is being hacked within 24 hours.

Real life example:
My mother died three years ago, she was a good programmer, I can still remotely debug her programs... Yes, she programmed in Delphi. Since her computer is still ON, that still works.

The reason it is still on is family history. HP made pretty good laptops back in the days..


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