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[Solved]Open Project fails miserably in Lazarus 3.0, QT5...KIO

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Yesterday I installed laz 3.0 together with fpc 3.3.1 on my PCLinuxOS lappy.
I've compiled lazarus for Qt 5.15.6, went OK apart from 'Openfile-dialog' problems (speed and cpu-spike).
Today I'd like to open another existing project, so I click 'Project' -> 'Open Project' and ...The Sh** hit the fan! See attached error messages about KIO...
It's the same if/when I try to add a directory to the search-path.
That is QUITE annoying, as 3.0 seems to forget my search-paths from 2.2.6, blanks them out of the lpi  >:D
What gives?!? Anybody else with troubles like these?
Any help will be deeply appreciated
EDIT: @zeljko found the problem and the solution:

--- Quote from: zeljko on February 01, 2024, 07:29:04 pm ---I've found where is problem !
IDE options -> Window

Uncheck all checkboxes which caption starts with "IDE title...".
Now save, try to open Open or Save dialog from IDE under KDE.
It is something about changing x11 window title (but that's what Qt does, not LCL)   >:(
There's even bug somewhere which was opened by Alexey Torgashin about changing window titles under x11.
--- End quote ---
and in the next post also from @zeljko:
--- Quote ---Actually unchecking "IDE title shows project directory" fixes problem. That have something to do with KDE and it's file dialogs which uses title of app to check if it contains valid filename or path  :(
--- End quote ---
Thank you.
Regards Benny

Sometimes I have KIO errors too. Some projects allow open files or save files, some return KIO error, only when run those dialogs under IDE, never at application runtime. That's pretty strange, and I've never found reason why it is so.

Also, that problem arises only under KDE and with KDE dialogs (KIO), if you run lazarus under gnome or cinnamon that problem vanishes.

@zeljko: what do you do, when it happens?
For now I have to manually edit the lpi file, then it works again...
It also seems, that laz /forgets/ to write the section in question, in the lpi file, leaving it blank, when it happens. That means 2.2.6 also sees blank entry for unit search-path, afterwards?!?
Regards Benny

I do exactly nothing, open an project which works (if I'm lucky it's in opened projects history submenu).
What do you exactly edit in lpi to get it work ?


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