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Problems when cross-compiling for 16-bit DOS

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For what functionality do you need a TStringList?


I'm using it with LoadFromFile() to quickly load a text file into an array. I was thinking of changing to parsing the file character by character (better for memory usage), or writing my own equivalent. TStringList.LoadFromFile() just got the job done quickly.

Well if you want to load it as an arry of strings, then readln(afile, astring) and an array is all you need.
TStringList is a nice class, but it can be overkill.
You can create your own TStringList that just does what you need and nothing more.


As  I wrote: the Fv framework contains a stringlist and works similar and is much lighter.
It is practically the same as the TurboVision frame work from the 80's and works perfectly OK under DOS. And it is supported. And is in the standard distribution. And comes with examples.

Enabling a memory model with $hugecode is not enough I think, everything would have to be compiled with -wmhuge, including FPC's only units.


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