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LAWM - Gradle Panic error

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Environment: Linux Mint 21.1, Laz, FPC and Android from instructions in

Laz environment/IDE built OK,

When I use'Run> [LAWM] build APK and  Run to crate a simple APK......
I get a terminal window which displays  a lot of text, displays what appears to be an error message (Red text) and then  closes and the following IDE message/s are displayed:

Building APK (Gradle)... : Exit code 1, Errors: 1
Panic: tool stopped with exit code 1. Use context menu to get more information.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how stop/freeze the terminal window so I can examine things or explain what/where is the "context menu" so I can get more information?


[using the translator]

Take a screenshot of this screen (see image)

Thank you for your response.

I tried that window. All the 'paths' for Java, NDK, SDK, Ant and Gradle resolve to what appear to be perfectly valid locations.


Thanks for the response.

All paths to the NDK, SDK, Java, Ant and Gradle appear to be valid and reasonable....

you chose gradle (image), right?


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