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anchordockingdsgn "selected for installation, not installed, RunAndDesignTime"


*** Lazarus 2.2.6 (rev lazarus_2_2_6) FPC 3.2.2 x86_64-win64-win32/win64 ***

I can't install packages - I particular, I'm trying to install AnchorDockingDsgn.

The Install/Uninstall Packages Dialog shows the following information

   Installs the anchor docking manager in the IDE

   Author: Mattias Gaertner
   Filename:  C:\lazarus\components\anchordocking\design\anchordockingdsgn.lpk
   Current state: selected for installation, not installed, RunAndDesignTime
I have tried the fixes suggested in these links without success -

That is
   (a) I start lazarus using startlazarus.exe
   (b) I disabled UAC ("Never Notify")
   (c) Tools|Configure Build Lazarus: Cleanup + Build all (clean common files), "Build many": Tick all 4 boxes
   (d) Re-start Windows 10


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