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I have updated KOL, the Key Objects Library, and kol64 to work with Windows 11 and FPC trunk and fixed some small bugs.
But is anybody on the forum still using it?
Then I will clone the latest into github.
Just 1 (one) positive reactions makes me do that.
I did NOT update MCK.(yet)

Point is, maybe the relevance of small code has evaporated over time but the quick start up of KOL applications is in my view still relevant. And you get a GUI application in about 60k, not 60m...

I really don't want to see Vladimir Kladov's and others work sink into the deep of abandonware.

I see your point Thaddy, I too, don't want to see good code go to waste, but sadly, this is "Winders" only...
Personally I don't mind the object approach, did a lot of TP5.5 back in the day, but for youngsters / noobs it might be too steap a learning curve...
Regards Benny

I'm a newbie in free pascal. Please explain me. What will i lose using KOL/MCK in my applications. How is this small code achieved ?

You once told me that WinCE was a KOL strong hold, is there still usage there?

Same with other potentially constrained targets like embedded stuff ( which I for convenience define here as is too light to run Linux)

If you don't want to publish it, then attach files here, and I will publish it on Github.


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