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Creating Pico W binaries.


Hi all,
I have a Raspberry Pi Pico W and have been trying to build a working Cross Compiler with fpcupdelux.
I have had no trouble creating the IDE and compiling source code into uf2 binaries.
However the binaries seem to do nothing on the Pico W.
Do I need to get a ordinary Pico for the examples in the wiki to work?
Can I do a tweak to make this code work on a Pico W?


Note that on Pico the on-board LED is connected to GPIO25 of the RP2040 chip, but on Pico W the LED is connected to the wifi chip (refer to section 3.4 The on-board LED of the Pico W datasheet).  This means that the blinky example will not work as is.

Also note that Michael's pico-fpcexamples repository caters for different RP2040 based boards, but unfortunately the Pico W series is not yet supported. If you set the controller name to RP2040 (-Cprp2040), you should in principle be able to use the standard RP2040 peripherals (ADC, I2C, UART etc.) with Michael's repository.


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