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ANN: mORMot 2.2 stable release

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With this new year, it was time to make a mORMot 2 release.
We went a bit behind the SQlite3 engine, and we added some nice features.

Main added features:
- OpenSSL 3.0/3.1 direct support in addition to 1.1 (with auto-switch at runtime)
- Native X.509, RSA and HSM support
- mget utility (wget + peer cache)

Main changes:
- Upgraded SQLite3 to 3.44.2
- Lots of bug fixes and enhancements (especially about cryptography and networking)
- A lot of optimizations, so that we eventually reached in top 12 ranking of all frameworks tested by TFB


Congratulations, good job
تهانينا، عمل جيد


Do you plan to put new version in the OPM?


--- Quote from: dseligo on January 03, 2024, 11:08:09 am ---Do you plan to put new version in the OPM?

--- End quote ---
I did not create the official OPM which seems to be still in version 1.18, but there is the package source within the mORMot 2 github repository, which makes it easy to open and install.

Perhaps an official OPM package for mORMot 2 could help. ;)

Why to make any package? Just send the email to opm(at) and give them Github URL of repo.


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