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at the end of last year I started my amateur project to build and program laser and  engraver machine but small in terms of dimensions. The first I wanted to do was to create application to deal with vectors, but without any extrenal library/ies, so from scratch everything started. There you can see my result (so far):
Still to do:
- to complete manipulating of splines (achievable in reasonably time)
- project is meant to read and save in svg format (as I like to work with Inkscape). I have done the reading of this format (with limitations but in most cases it is sufficient). The saving is not yet done. Some ideas?
- generating code from table of vectors for cnc, I'm more or less grasping the topic (I did something similar years ago)
- to build laser engraver machine :)


--- Quote from: krolikbest on January 01, 2024, 10:33:01 pm ---- to build laser engraver machine :)

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These days that's relatively simple, because of the ready availability of various aluminium extrusions, bearings, leadscrews and so on. Also you can get controller boards off-the-shelf, but I'd suggest (a) getting one that supports an extra axis and (b) sticking to one of the mainstream firmwares since they have benefited from many developers' work over the last ten years or so.

About ten years ago I acquired a CNC-converted Myford lathe, but got bogged down in trying to find a way to run the original software on the obsolete PC that accompanied it.

About 40 years ago the department for which I worked acquired a big multi-axis CNC mill from Lucas which had been used to make headlamp lens patterns. Nobody even tried to do anything with it...


I'm making an uphill climb :)

Curt Carpenter:
I suspect you're having a lot of fun -- and I salute your spirit of adventure!

It might be worth taking a look at zcad


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