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[SOLVED] Where can I download the JvDBLaz, JvDBLookupCombo, etc.

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How do you load this package properly, I'm new to Lazarus.  I should have documented how I loaded this pkg a month or so ago.
I just now went to Open Package File, selected jujiboutils.lpk, compiled it. What do I do next... Add - New Component or Use - Add to Project???

Why jujiboutils?In Lazarus menu: Packages > Open Package File > select 'jvcl_all.lpk' in 'packages' direktory and click 'open'. Next click 'compile' and after that 'use > install'.
After rebuilding Lazarus has a palette of components will appear JVCL components

I was just going by the name JvDB... I'm quite new at Lazarus but love it.  Thanks, I'll get back to loading my 2 projects.
I'm documenting in my personal Lazarus handbook, Thanks

Actually, I went back and where you download the jvcl_all.lpk, at the top is download jujiboutils and wasn't paying attention. I'm in my 70's and starting programming back in the 80's with Turbo Pascal.  But, in retirement just about 6 months ago I ran out of hobbies so decided to start programming again and have a bit of CRS Syndrome, so relearning, LoL and having a blast!

You are completely on the wong track, jujiboutils has nothing to do with jvcl...

The simplest way to install a package in Lazarus is to open "Package" > "Online Package manager". Scroll down a bit until you see "JVCLLaz" in the list. Check it, click "Install", allow the IDE to be rebuilt and wait until Lazarus is restarted - done.


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