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open SSL library - not found


Projekt message:
"Could not initialize OpenSSL library"

I migrate my project to a new VM with a blanc system.
The job worked before was: Download a pdf-file.
In the new environment I read the above error message.

The topic "open SSL library" was discussed earlier, but called "depreciated".

What do you recommend to do for "downloading" and using SSL?

Win 7 VM
Lazarus 3 RC 1

OpenSSL is NOT deprecated at all, but you need to have a correct version installed and choose the correct protocol: That means TLS 1.2 or higher. You do not use a protocol SSLx, but TLS 1.2. Which is supported by OpenSSL. Just make sure you have the correct binaries installed.

Thank you for your answer.

This sounds good.
For stupid: Where from can I get it and where to install?

I have these choices:
- the build in package manager
- a collection of components on my HD
- or somewhere in Windows? (Win 7)

After this I can open a lpk packes, either install or use or compile...

thank you for your patience

Just use one of these dlls (depending on your bitness 32/64 bit).
(Unzip for example or depending on the bitness of your program.)

Do not install them but just put the dlls in your exe directory.
You already added code in your program for using these openssl dlls (otherwise you wouldn't have gotten this message).

Also, do not open extra questions if this is about the same as this question. Your other question was also very unclear.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for "unclear".
The thread continues here (with good news):,65686.msg500778/topicseen.html#msg500778


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