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Can't recompile Lazarus 3.0 on Ventura

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Unfortunately, this issue is still not corrected even if applied all what is mentioned in As I have checked, all my source files have already implemented the changes mentioned in the solution there, but this did not help.

It seems, that there is some more general issue in re-compiling the LCL lib.

Clean install with recompiling IDE with profile Normal leads to mentioned error:

datetimepicker.pas(85,12) Error: Can't find unit DateTimePicker used by DateTimeCtrls

If I remove the DateTimeCtrls1.5.1 and DateTimeCtrsDsgn 1.5.1 in order to bypass the mentioned error I get another compiling error, this time:

lazhelpchm.pas(85,12) Error: Can't find unit LazHelpCHM used by lhelpcontrolpkg

Removing ChmHelpPkg 0.2.1 leads to another error:

uPSR_stdctrls.pas(85,12) Error: Can't find unit uPSR_stdctrls used by pascalscript

I did not continued in removing standard components, while this makes no sense. I have tested compiling simple project with the TDateTimePicker component and this seams to be working fine.

I would really appreciate removing this problem while unfortunately I have to stay with version 2.2.6.

Tested on MacOS Sonoma and 10.14.6, Lazarus 3.2. Previous version 2.2.6 was before installing 3.2 archived in other directory, same with .Lazarus folder in the user directory.


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