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Can't recompile Lazarus 3.0 on Ventura

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Warning: Recompiling DateTimePicker, checksum changed for /Applications/Lazarus/lcl/units/x86_64-darwin/lclintf.ppu

datetimepicker.pas(85,12) Error: Can't find unit DateTimePicker used by DateTimeCtrls

Uninstalled previous version of Lazarus and FPC with and deleted the .Lazarus directory before installing 3.0.

I experienced just the same error. I am not able to rebuild Lazarus after updating to v. 3.0.
I had to go back to v. 2.2.6 to get Lazarus working again.

I have the same exact error on these plateforms :
- MacPro 2013, macOS Monterey
- MacBook Pro M2 Max, macoOS Sonoma

The autocomplete works very badly after a compilation, it stumbles with an unknown unit.
The IDE behaviour becomes erratic when I want to create a new event method. As long as I don't compile, the IDE works correctly but after the compilation......

I will have to go back to v2.2.6 and wait for a stable release.

Ok, I thought I was going mad. I'm having the exact same issue.

I wonder if theres a way to extract the missing sources from one of he other OS distributions.



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