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Ho Ho Ho IntraWeb in Lazarus!!!

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Ho Ho Ho Free Pascal developers!!!!

After a long refactoring, I'm here to announce:

IntraWeb for Lazarus is a few days away!

The same kind of projects and applications that you can build today with IntraWeb, using Delphi, you will be able to do using Lazarus. Same features, same codebase, the same power and performance.

I've been working on the compatibility issues and code base conversion for a long time. The more I worked with Lazarus, the more I liked it (I'll be honest with you I didn't like it much at first). But after you learn some shortcuts and some workarounds - especially when coming from Delphi, it is really pleasant to work with.

FPC developers did a remarkable job. So did the guys that wrote the LCL classes. There are things to improve, yes definitely, but I feel confident that FPC/Lazarus is more than capable to support complex Web applications built with IntraWeb.

I'll keep you all informed.

Cheers and Merry Christmas to all Pascal developers (and the poor guys who work with other languages too) !

Great news, I am waiting for it.
Happy new year to you too.

Very Interesting! And Merry Christmas.

this is indeed very interesting. I'll install the package as soon as it's released.
Happy new year to you. Regards. Slz.

Hi @all,

Any news on that?
Intraweb could be interesting for new project - so I'd really be interested in the current status of the Lazarus port :-)



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