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Allegro.pas 4.3.0 on the way...


Hello people.

I've released the first alpha of the Allegro.pas game library version 4.3.0. Here you have what you'll find:
* It compiles and runs on GNU/Linux.  8-) There are two problems: I'm afraid I broke Delphi compatibility and some things (MIDI, bitmap rotation...) don't work yet. :(
* UNICODE support. Well, limited but functional.
* Lots of new functions including several hardware acceleration where available.
* New documentation engine (pasdoc).
There are some features planned too, i. e. OpenGL support.  :D

Please download it, test it and let me know your opinion (and if you find a bug, fix it and send me the patch ;) ) specially if you own a Windows system since I don't have one now and I didn't test it.

Really, download it, compile the examples and the demo game and tell me if you can actually use it. Thanks!


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