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Winter is coming (AI-assisted coding and its influence on Free Pascal)

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As a community that want to survive for long and long years to come, I was wondering if Free Pascal feels it is being threatened by the avalanche of productivity promised by other ecosystems that already are really integrated with AI-assisted coding.

Currently, I am aware of two sorts of AI-assisted coding:

1) Gihub Copilot and alike, that is auto-completion with steroids and

2) GPT's like coding. A promise that people will, very soon, be able to use natural language to implement software solutions and full applications connected to generative AI's.

Some business people are turning the use of AI-assisted tools mandatory. Some are even threatining to fire people that don't known how to use it.

So, what do you think?

Raise your hand if you would like to have AI-assisted tools integreated to the Free Pascal workflow and Lazarus workflow.

I'm probably difficult but, personally, I much prefer real intelligence than artificial intelligence.

I think Einstein's observation about things being infinite should be applied to AI as well.

I would like to share with you some concrete examples of AI-Assisted coding in my own current main project.

I need to run some psychological experiments and I am writing a stimuli presentation software using Lazarus and Free Pascal. I feel my self doing some complicated stuff a lot more faster than some years ago. For example, without generative AI, I would not be able to write a real time sound recorder with thread support in a couple of days. If you are a really fluent and skilled programmer, you may think it is trivial. But I am not a professional programmer.

I spent the last week coding some data analysis and graphication with matplotlib using VSCode, Python, and MySQL. I was really surprised to see that all my routine problems with matplotlib and SQL were being promptly solved by GitHub copilot or ChatGPT.

So, as you can see, I am coding in two different ecosystems: Python and Free Pascal/Lazarus. For reasons I cannot clearly explain, I still prefer Pascal's sintax over Python's sintax. But I cannot neglet the difference in speed. With python you do stuff much faster, specially when you known what you are doing and have AI-assisted coding tools available.

So, just found out that Delphi have some open source stuff here:


--- Quote from: cpicanco on December 15, 2023, 12:00:12 am ---Some business people are turning the use of AI-assisted tools mandatory. Some are even threatining to fire people that don't known how to use it.

--- End quote ---
My boss will fire the whole team if there is even a suspicion of someone in the team having used any AI assistant. It is a legal nightmare.

2 cents and just saying.


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