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Projects made in lazarus for retail

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--- Quote from: 440bx on December 13, 2023, 10:24:50 pm ---The projects are "made", developed would be a better word, _with_ Lazarus and coded _in_ Pascal (not in Lazarus since Lazarus is not a programming language.)

I believe it's important to credit both, Lazarus and FPC for Pascal to remain a viable language in the long run.

--- End quote ---

not sure about this, "with" or "in". Lazarus is an environment. "I work in such and such environment" using Pascal as a language. I could be working "in dotnet environment", developing "with visual basic" or "seeSharp" depending or how stars line up. No?

I am not native English speaker, but this is how I "feel" the language.

Thank you for wiki page suggestion. One day I might contribute certain things.

I use one of the provided images, a picture of our leopard and the words "Free Pascal Lazarus Project". Shows in a small splash screen at startup that the user can choose to hide.

The "Free Pascal" is a much smaller font then the "Lazarus" but it was the closest I could find in the Lazarus supplied images.

I do agree we should ensure Free Pascal and Lazarus are credited in anything we distribute, its important.



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