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uhm... masks unit can do this :


this will match on
and also

but not on thisex1
and not on thisex2


that what you are looking for ?

--- Quote from: BubikolRamios on December 07, 2023, 04:36:52 pm ---Need user to  be able to combine multiple regex match on single text.
So it is difficult to near impossible.

Since one can't, I guess, invent delimiter in ordinary text such as 'a;b', i.e. , seek for regex match 'a' and regex match 'b' and then if both positive there is a find  ...
Is there a control in lazarus, table like, where you can enter text as you would into Tedit ?
Where first col would be 'and' or 'or' and second regex ?

TValueListEditor at first look ... ? Any suggestion ?

Edit: possible with 4 columns so math like logic could be invented, like , R = regex
(R1) AND (R2 OR R3) .....

--- End quote ---

You know, I never have a problem with RegEx  :D


--- Quote from: jamie on February 03, 2024, 03:45:40 pm ---You know, I never have a problem with RegEx  :D

--- End quote ---

"Just say NO"? ;)


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