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Does anyone know where I can find examples of CORDIC algorithms written in Pascal?

I used a CORDIC implementation in UCSD Pascal on an Apple 2e while teaching computer science introduction in programming at University in 1982 ... So a little over 41 years ago.
I also wrote one in TurboPascal in 1989 based on the UCSD code.
I do no have the code anymore, but I can write a CORDIC easily, since it is not very difficult. So if you can not find it, ping me.

I think you can find a CORDIC for Pascal anyway since it is quite common to use.
On Rosetta code is a quite good example in C that will easily translate. It is not a full task yet. Google Rosetta code cordic. The C code will translate in minutes, not hours.It uses look/up tables for some of the trigonometric functions so it is fast.
This afternoon I have some time left so I will add it here if there isnĀ“t a link or code yet.

I did Taylor series for AvrCo fixed point lib, so if needed ping me

Hello, I found this C code.
It has a lot of comments. I think I't we easy port to Pascal


I am close to clean up the C  translated code from Rosetta code and will post it tomorrow. Just need to fix the example, basically Pascalify it, but the core function  is ready and did not take too much time, as I expected.

BTW the UCSD version from 41 years ago showed up in Google....
For good measure, though.
I used the ucsd version for teaching purposes, but did not write it.
I wrote a TurboPascal version

A good reader would have understood that.


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