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Lazarus 3.9.9 Variable Watches Fail (But Debugger Tooltips Work!)

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I'm running on the FPCUPDELUXE installed version of Lazarus trunk on Free Pascal 3.3.1.

The variable watches window, I've noticed, hasn't really been working for a while.

However, the debugger tooltips work (if I hover my mouse over the variable name in the code editor, the value is correctly shown).

Any thoughts?

Really need an example to reproduce.

Any kind of variable, specific ones?
What settings?

Any kind of variable really, just step through more than one line of code and see.

I'm not aware of any particular variable watch settings, so they should all be default.

With settings I meant: debug setting in the project, and in Tools > Options

In Tools > Options: what is your debugger backend?

Project > Options
- "type of debug info" ? dwarf ....
- optimization?
- smart linking?

What OS? 64/32 bit ?

It is strange though...
For a variable like "TFoo: TMyClass" you can have different settings between tooltip and watches.

But for "i: Integer" there should not be a difference at all (ok, you can go into watches properties, and set it to be hexadecimal, but I hope you would have noticed if you did / and even if, that should still not make a difference).

I am mostly using Lazarus 3.99 with Fpc 2.2.3
And there it works fine. (And I debug a lot)

It is possible that Fpc 3.3.1 made changes.
Though I just recently run the debugger testcase, and it runs almost 20000 different watches => and it worked for 3.3.1

I did just to a quick test with 3.3.1 (updated today) and the watch window works fine (form1 and various field of the form)


--- Quote from: msintle on December 03, 2023, 07:04:20 pm ---The variable watches window, I've noticed, hasn't really been working for a while.

--- End quote ---

What exactly is "hasn't been working"?

I just realized, I may be wrong in assuming that it shows the watches with some "error" in the value column?

But if it does, then what is the error message?


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