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Out of memory on a ATtiny841

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--- Quote from: pascalbythree on November 30, 2023, 06:31:20 pm ---8K Bytes flash memory,

To load a UART and a I2C stack. With a small program loop. And some procedures to store a integer in the EEPROM.

Do you think it will be sufficiant ? Maybe it is possible to tell like that ?

--- End quote ---
This functionality typically should fit into less than 4 kB, but it really depends on the specific code. As Laksen mentioned, do you use RTL functions to format strings, or convert text to integer or something? Or use (short)string types?  Did you enable any debug features such as range, overflow or stack checking?

Are you using the latest development (main) compiler? There are a couple of new optimizations in main that is not in the latest release version (3.2.2) - although the compiler optimizer will typically only reduce size by about 10 - 20%.

I suspect you are simply stuck, because you tried to build with sysutils, which is a no no. Same as my answer to your other question.


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