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andrew Bubble:
Hi All

I have installed fpc and Lazarus on a Raspberry PI 5 (bookworm) using the "sudo apt install fpc lazarus-ide" from a terminal.

Everything seems to be working except for two strange things, when the Lazarus first boots up there is a very small window which comes on just after the splash screen then after about say a minute Lazarus starts as normal, if I expand this small window all it says at the top is Lazarus and nothing else

I cannot see any issues when trying to build an application, however when I try to run an application another small window appears, if expand this all it says at the top is project 1.

For your information the version details at the bottom of the splash screen are 2.2.6+dfsg2-2.

I have tried the install on both 32 bit and 64 bit and the two small windows appears exaclty on both.

Unfortunately, this is a Wayland problem, which RaspberryPi OS Bookworm uses by default. After switching to X11, the problem you described does not appear. To switch rpiOS to use X11 run a terminal and type:

--- Code: ---sudo raspi-config nonint do_wayland W1
--- End code ---
and then restart the system

andrew Bubble:
Hi Paweld

Yes that works fine, I assume if I need to deploy any applications on another Raspberry PI using the latest OS Bookworm I will need to do the same on that pi as well.

Regards Andrew

Or patiently wait those dozen / tens of seconds for it to show the application :-)

Wasn't this addressed recently with/in 3.0 RC2 fixes (40413) ?


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