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Chinese input in edit and memo in Linux is incorrect


There is no problem in entering English, but errors will be reported when entering Chinese.

Pango:ERROR:.. /pango/pango-layout.c:4606:get_items_log_attrs: assertion failed: (item->length <= (start + length) - item->offset)
Bail out!  Pango:ERROR:.. /pango/pango-layout.c:4606:get_items_log_attrs: assertion failed: (item->length <= (start + length) - item->offset)
Aborted (core dumped)

Another problem is that it works when you use Memo in the main window. If there is a memo control in the new form, it will randomly error and automatically exit the application.

The input method is fcitx.

The problem is found. If the form contains a Tmemo control, use Form1.Show. Or if the panel contains Tmemo, use Panel1.Visible:=True; There will be problems. Use panel 1.bringtofront; There won't be a problem. The reason is not known.

All the reasons found. Under Linux can not operate in the event the main thread of the UI, can only use the Application. The QueueAsyncCall to operate.

- What widgetset, gtk2 or qt5 or qt6?
- Wayland or X ?
- What OS distro and version?

system arm64:ubuntu18,UOS,Armbian 23
system x86:centos7
The above systems and cpus have been tested. X86 has fewer problems.


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