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Windows low-level APIs and Security


Hi all,

I need to hook the keyboard to make a background process activated by a special "hotkey" keystroke. As I understand it, I need to hook SetWindowsHookExW.

I expect the Windows security/UAC fighting me.

I can sign using a Microsoft Authenticode Extended Certificate.

What I do not want is to force the customer to somehow lower Windows securitity barriers, set GPOs, or download my program through the MS store. Having the exe and executing it with admin privileges should suffice. OS: Windows 7/10/11.

Can this be done with Lazarus, and if yes, where do I find instructions how to set up anything needed, like ACLs (if applicable) or Manifests of whatever Microsoft has invented to prevent malicious software to do exactly what I intend to do.

Thnx, Armin.


Admin not required


u'r genius :-)

Many thanks, Armin.


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