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Placing an image on a form/panel???

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I thought this would be easy and it probably is but I'm trying to just place a jpg image on an About form in my project.  I placed a TImage component on my form and loaded a small .jpg image and it's like the image is so huge, it doesn't show but a very small portion of the image. I saw a post of something similar and the discussion was about a Fractal image. Anyway, would welcome a suggestion, thanks.

TImage has a "Stretch" property which, if true, squeezes the image into the bounds of the TImage control. I recommend to also check the "Proportional" property which keeps the aspect ratio width/height.

But... I'd recommend to reduce the size of the image before adding it to the TImage - it does not make sense to squeeze a 20 mega-pixel image down to icon size

Yup, I just reduced the size drastically with Paint.  Then loaded it and it's almost the size I want but thanks.  I thought originally it was small but not near small enough. I changed it to a .bmp file and getting there. Thanks wp, 1HuntnMan

project attached might give you some ideas, check out the properties of the controls, esp the anchor docking.

pic below, projand pic over .5MB


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