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Is the inno setup installer code signed?

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As per the title, also is the inno script source available?

Afaik not signed, but the .iss source is in the fpcbuild repo, and some instructions are in the release engineering topic in the wiki.

I've had a good root around the various repositories and not found anything.

I was just wondering how the setup managed to avoid UAC on windows.

Looks like they set privilegesrequired to lowest but the installer in that case should be using program files in the users profile {Autopf} and not putting the code in C:\lazarus.

Also the installer tries to put some files in windows\system32 which will not work without admin rights.

Ok, my answer was for the FPC installer, not the lazarus one :-)

But the iss files for lazarus are in tools\install\win\*.iss and contains

--- Quote ---; PrivilegesRequired=none means no-setting or default => admin needed

--- End quote ---

Program files is not read/write and some of the mingw and debugger tools don't function well with paths with spaces in them.

I see QT and openssl options storing to {sys} are those the files that you see into c:\windows?

Program files directory for single user is in user profile....


This is the default directory used when {Autopf} is used in the setup script and no admin is required.


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