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--- Quote from: marcov on November 19, 2023, 09:24:47 pm ---What is the actual problem?

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Who said anything about problem there is no problem these are just suggestions to make Lazarus better, to give the user the option to not install everything like I mentioned FPC lets you choose minimal install and it won't copy everything most normal users I suppose don't need all the source code or all supported architectures or packages there is no problem here just suggesting improvements to make things even better more efficient faster smaller fewer reads and writes and so forth

Currently the Lazarus IDE is specified as needing the source to operate.

Besides being used for code tools, the source is of course also important for debugging (and generating e.g. Debugging versions of the LCL). Also for normal users.

If you merely want to save space, e.g. on some SBC or so, try to move the source dir to a compressed ISO and mount it then in the original location. That probably would save you about 60% of the source size. (though performance might suffer)

Installer sources are also open source, so there should be no impediment to start working on issues that you consider important.

I would expect the source is also needed if you rebuild the IDE, for example, during the install of a Package.

If you wanted to offer the user a checkbox list of what packages they want, it would need to be incredibly fine grained, its quite a long list if you really want to give the user a useful choice.

On the other hand, I wonder how useful the GTK/GTK2/GTK3/Qt/Qt5/Qt6/Carbon/Cocoa widget sets are to a Windows user ? (yes, I know its possible to make GTK2 apps for Windows but why would you ?).

On the other, other hand, its only two gig,  anyone with a reasonable degree of common sense can open their computer up and wack a newer, faster and bigger disk in for the cost of most mainstream computer games.


In my opinion, trying to create a "minimal" installation is not worth the effort. In the attached screenshot I am showing the size of the top-level folders of a fresh, unused Lazarus v3RC2 (32-bit) installation on Win-11 . As you can see, 610MB out of total of 1.5 GB are needed by FPC, another 390 MB by components, and 210 MB by compiled units. OK - many components are not needed; another look at the components folder, however, shows that already the top three folders, synedit, ideintf, codetools which are absolutely essential occupy about 150 MB out of the 390...

Some possible candidates for removal for a minimal installation are mentioned in the first post: pas2js (8MB), tests (2 MB), tools (7.5 MB), images (11 MB), in total about 30 MB, or 2% of the entire installation...

Surely there's more which could be removed, but I would estimate that a minimal installation would be smaller than the full installation by only a few hundred MB.


--- Quote from: user name on November 19, 2023, 08:58:47 pm ---
--- Quote from: PascalDragon on November 19, 2023, 05:29:00 pm ---Lazarus needs the sources to provide code completion.

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Would it be possible then, to not need the sources? Maybe have that information compiled in some manner, like a database instead? Or is that a retarded idea?

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In the future once dynamic packages are supported Lazarus will need to be able to deal with that, but that point is still a long time (read: years) off, so for now you'll have to live with this.


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