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Error reading a jpg file in the area of xmp data+


I am using fpexif.  I created a TImgInfo object and called LoadFromFile.  On a small set of files I am getting the following exception (position changes depending on file):
Error reading XMP data: In 'stream:' (line 1 pos 2745): Invalid #0 character

I'm guessing the jpg headers (in the area of xmp) are not correct?

I can't attach the files since they are too big for the forum.  Here is a link to one on google drive:


By chance, I had noticed this already yesterday and fixed it - please get yourself the latest revision.

I get an "access denied" when trying to download your image.

I don't know why, but I am having a lot of trouble finding the download. 

I am not using Lazarus for this code, so not pulling using Lazarus' package manager.  I try to download the source and compile using fpc.

I thought I had the components bookmarked, but when I go to sourceforge, I'm not seeing fpexif.

What is the URL please?

[EDIT]:  Nevermind, figured out how to find it.  had to go to main sourceforge page, not files, and click on the revision number.  I'll tets it now.


Either use SVN to get the files, or click "Download snapshot" and you'll get a zipped file of the current version - unzip it over your existing files.

Thanks for that link.  I'll bookmark it.

I tested out the code and error is gone.  Thank you.


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