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--- Quote from: AlanTheBeast on November 13, 2023, 02:11:43 pm ---All you proved was depending on how the search string is entered, different results come back.

--- End quote ---
Indicating that you do not have a clear understanding on how to do a proper search. That is why I explained, in detail so that you are able to educate yourself.

--- Quote ---But I take your point and I will fuck off now as that seems to be your specific goal.

--- End quote ---
I do not have any goal other than for you to educate yourself.

But I see how it is. You rather have people handing you over the fish instead of you having to put in the effort to learn how to fish. On top of that the explanation on how to receive the fish should be repeated multiple times for your leisure.

Not feeding that leisure ends up in strong language.

Could be me (probably is) but there is something wrong with that picture you just drew of yourself.


FWIW, working primarily with Lazarus on OSX here, as you did, I did quite a bit of searching on the forum and across the net, to learn about the multiply_defined and the version warnings --with almost nothing to be found.

From my history, linker failures (as Lazarus reports these) can be a very consequential event,  In this case, the newer apple linker produced these linker warnings on my wife's up to date M1 Macbook pro but not on my older 2015 machine.

Anyway, it seems these options are being passed incorrectly to the Apple linker by Lazarus and are bugs which need to be addressed, though probably not urgently.   No effect I can find at on our big multi-threaded L projects!


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