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Installed fpc on an M3 and I've been moving code over from the intel Mac.

Seems fine, however, I get this warning when compiling (command line: "fpc -O2 schmoo" )

Linking schmoo
ld: warning: -multiply_defined is obsolete

I assume it's harmless but wonder what I can do to get rid of it (ie: Is is something in my code?).

and this odd note:

-macosx_version_min has been renamed to -macos_version_min

Which as about as innocuous as it gets....


I am writing in a tone that comes across as very belittling here because I am unable to figure out why you did not try this yourself so assume you did not because you have no idea this option/feature exist.

The following text is not intended to discredit, offend and/or otherwise insult your intelligence (and for sure you are not the only one who does not seem to know about this feature).

If you look at your browser window when browsing these forums, then you are able to locate a few links at the top right of the webpage.

One of those links is named search. When you press it, you'll be redirected to the search html page.

On that search page are several inputboxes, checkboxes and a drop-down-list located together with a search 'button' at the bottom right.

In the inputfield "search for" enter the text "macosx_version_min" (without the quotes)
In the inputfield "By user" enter the text "*" (=asterisk , again without the quotes)
In the dropdown-list "Search order" select "Most recent topics first"
You can leave all other options to default.

Then press the search button at the bottom right and wait for the results to turn up in your browser.

At the time of writing there are 17 'hits' of messages where that line of text that you searched for is mentioned (including your message).

Hover your mouse-cursor over the most right located link for each found entry, click on it with your right mouse button, then select "open link in new tab" (assuming your browser has such an option), navigate and active each individual opened tab and start reading the contents of those messages in order to find out more about that particular message you searched for (and for which you wish to know more information).

It is very informative material to read and probably answers most of your questions.

In the hopes that it helps

Belittle yourself.  I did first search using the exact string thrown from the linker and nothing specifically relevant was returned.

I in fact got 4 results.  (Screenshot below).

1 of which had nothing to do with the subject at all and 3 of which returned other issues not directly related to the linker output message.

Thus.  My question.


--- Quote from: AlanTheBeast on November 13, 2023, 02:35:19 am ---Belittle yourself

--- End quote ---
Thank you for having proofed my point  ;D


All you proved was depending on how the search string is entered, different results come back.

But I take your point and I will fuck off now as that seems to be your specific goal.


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