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HDMI Equalizer system, raspberry as Slave ?


Hello to al the people at !

Does anybody have example code, how to I2C slave your raspberry with freepascal code ?

I finished of my enclosure and everything works fine. Except that i want to communicate from my Atmega to my RPI using I2C.

Now i am using a UART, and want to replace it. Al the boards inside have the extra SDA en SCL lines already in it. Now only the missing I2C example code.

Please answer of send me up some code! / ccrause ?

Greets, Wouter van Wegen, PascalByThree

Please read my reply to your previous question,64939.msg494504.html#msg494504

Also, this topic would better fit under the Linux sub forum (assuming you are using Linux on your Raspberry Pi).


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